To provide each and every person who walks through our doors with an unparalleled training  experience that will reach you on a physical and emotional level. 

Fitness for a Lifetime

Our goal is to help everyone embrace fitness as a life-long commitment. 


We build strong relationships that go well beyond a workout 



Dave Myers

Owner & Head Trainer

Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology (Strength & Conditioning) 2014

15 years of Coaching and training experience

Training Philosophy:

He utilizes an undulating progressive overload principle. This promotes progress and strength through a variety of exercises and increase intensity through multiple disciplines.


Functional Resistance Training

Hypertrophy & Strength Training

Sport Specific Training

Range of Motion & Post Therapeutic Training

Core Stabilization emphasis

Power Movements

Eric Stachowiak

Expert Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer

Corrective Movement certification

Training Philosophy

My philosophy is to get people to strength train and move in the gym so that everyday life movements will be easier. We all want to be independent for as long as we can in life. The stronger we stay, the longer we move.


Strength training

Mobility Corrective exercises
Injury rehab
Exercise programming

David Carrubba

Expert Trainer

NASM CPT, 2015

Training Philosophy

Takes a holistic approach to training the body as a complete, functional unit.  Utilizes various modalities to strengthen movement patterns performed in everyday life.


Functional strength training

Post-rehabilitation strength/stability training

Posture correction

Zak Ihlenfeld

Expert Trainer 


NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Training Philosophy

Consistency is the goal. Establish great movement patterns and progress follows.


Stability Training


Olympic Lifting

Body Building

Metabolic Conditioning

Training Services

Personalized 1-on-1 Training

Training will include constant direction and design from our experienced training staff. Workouts will be designed specifically for their training goals and needs

Virtual Online Training

Training with a client online is our newest exercise service. Whether you have no equipment or all the equipment. We can lead you through the most efficient and goal driven workout. 

HIIT Social 

A 60 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. Designed and instructed by our experienced training staff. These workouts challenge individuals mentally and physically. The experience and community of members is far more than just a calorie burn  

Semi-Private Training

Clients will discuss training goals and needs with the trainer who will be the best fit to achieve their goals. A program will be designed and demonstrated by the trainer to ensure safety and efficiency of the exercise for the optimum results. Programs will be updated and modified on a 4 to 6 week basis

Post Therapeutic Training (PPT)

The gap between physical therapy (PT) and personal training is exceptionally wide. We will have the knowledge and skills to bridge that gap. This training process will extend between 6 weeks and upwards of 6 months with the  ultimate goal of returning the individual to daily routines and pursue their fitness goals. 

Fitness Life-timers' Experience

“Step Above Training is wise and friendly. Dave Myers, like others he brings on his team, watch clients intently, coach with insight, and always challenge a body to grow a little more.  I am much more mindful to strengthen and protect my body while working and playing. Dave always has a plan.” _ Thomas  , 5 years training)

"Dave is the most professional trainer I have ever experienced. He is totally dedicated to guiding the customer to the best possible experience. I wholly and completely recommend Dave for any all exercisers!" _Richard (73, 5 years training)

"I couldn't ask for a better trainer than Zak! He creates intense workouts tailored towards helping me reach my goals. He motivates without yelling and has a way of pushing me to give maximum effort even when I want to give up. Anyone who spends time with Zak will quickly see that he is incredibly knowledgeable about functional fitness and nutrition. He also walks the walk as a CrossFit athlete. Since training with Zak I have reached and passed personal fitness goals. He's given me the confidence to continually set new goals and dream bigger. "

__Jenny (2 years training)

I love this gym. Eric makes training fun and interesting, even at 6 am. There's a huge variety of equipment, so no matter your goals, you can work towards achieving them at Step Above. Highly recommend 5/5.

__Rob ( 5+ years training)

Live Online Training Testimonial

"We have been doing virtual workouts with Dave for the last four months after over two years of training in person with him. Dave has done an amazing job adapting our in-person workouts to virtual, providing us with highly effective workouts with limited equipment. We are grateful to be able to continue training in our home environments. Each workout is unique and challenging!"

_3 Clients @ once

Hours & Operations

By appointment only

Reaching out via email or text to set up an appointment is the most efficient option


Amazing Experience well beyond just a Workout!!!

Weekly Schedule

Monday @ Noon 

Tuesday 6 pm - 7 pm 

Thursday 6 pm - 7 pm

Friday @ Noon

  Saturday AM (Stroll/ Social)

TBD on Weekly basis 

Drop-ins Encouraged (free trial first timers)

Class max. capacity will be 6 members 

COVID-19 Plan of Action

Step Above's return to action approach following the safe-at-home order for foreseeable future

Through these unprecedented times, Step Above Training will embrace the highest precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy. Below is some of the steps and information observed to ensure our goal.

             1)  Mask ordinance: Respect the Request

             2)  Social Distance: 6 feet spacing between trainer & client majority of time*

             3)  Wellness check: disclose any illness or symptoms prior to arriving.

                           Reschedule sessions, better to be cautious        

                    4) Trainers are coordinating schedules to limit cross traffic between other trainers

             5)  All trainers will adhere to the facility management checklist per client/ day

                  (click link button to see checklist below)


Our goal is to create a safe and comfortable training experience for clients and trainers

      6) Clean, sanitize, clean...rinse and repeat 

    -Our chemical disinfectant is Simple Green Pro D 5: designed to kill Covid-19, and other viral, bacteria, and fungi.
    -The chemical is mixed 16:1 with water (1 gallon water : 8 oz chem. ratio) in the sprayer and 1 oz in individual spray bottles
    - Hand sanitizer is available and bringing your own is encouraged as well.

Return to Training
 Sessions may be shortened 5 minutes in order to clean and prepare between clients, or as the last set of exercise is being completed the training staff will be cleaning and sanitizing the equipment and high touch surfaces

* spotting and general weight training adjustment may occur within the 6 feet of spacing

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